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A new collection of 3,500 super cute Sloths NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain!

All holders will have access to our Meditation App, our Sloooths Sanctuary (Sandbox) Metaverse, raffles, contests, super cute merch and much more! A project that will help us all learn more about dealing with Mental Health and bring positivity to this fam! 



Lead Artist
and founder

Smart  contract
Dev Team behind

Discord Mod

3D and Voxel artist

Motion Graphics


IT & Security


Certified Meditation Teacher & Copywriter


Meditation Coach


Meditation Coach

We are looking to be more than just another NFT project. Holding a Sloooths will give you the chance to use it as a membership pass to enjoy all the future benefits of our fam..

Path 22@2x

– Project Concept
– Art
– Brand
– Roadmap


– Create Team
– Open Discord
– BuenoArt Token Test
– Partnerships
– Sloooths Animations

Path 22 Copy 3@2x
Path 22@2x

– Meditation Sessions Test
– Tree House Spaces
– Website V1


– Meditation App Sketches
– SandBox Announcement
– Webb3 Announcement
– BuenoArt Smart Contract
– Merch Test

Path 22 Copy 3@2x
Path 22@2x

– Mint SOLD OUT!
– New Website V2
– Merch Store


– Meditation App V1
– Pixel Models Test
– SandBox Preview
– Partnerships
– Voxel Models Test

Path 22 Copy 3@2x

– Meditation App V2
– Voxel / Pixel Art Airdrop
– Much more…

A NFT (non-fungible token) is data added to a file that creates a unique signature. It can be an image file, a song, a tweet, a text posted on a website, a physical item, and various other digital formats. This means that someone can own a digital file that it's marked with code to differentiate it from any digital replicas.

Hello fam! You might know me as Pequelord!

I have been working as a Senior Product Designer for more than 21 years for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Getty Images and The Lions (Cannes Creativity Festival). I joined the NFT space in February 2021 along with my other gigs. Thanks to the NFTs, I finally have the chance to develop my Illustration skills. Currently, I dedicate 100% of my time and love to the Sloooths collection. 

I’m also looking to give back to this community part of the love that I have received from all the artists, collectors, and followers. I have always looked to create collections oriented to supporting the NFT Community and Mental Health.

Mental Health is a topic that everyone here on the NFT Space is always looking to discuss and offer support. Is also something that we artists (speaking from my point of view), have to deal with every day due to the anxiety produced by being constantly connected and participating in the space and the number of hours of work to meet the expectations of collectors. 

This collection wants to help artists and anyone in this space deal with their Mental Health and understand that they are not alone.

Sloooths are here to help us deal with all this and more by bringing experts to talk about this topic, making it visible to everyone, using our app and tools to manage stress and also creating a healthier community.

We want you to understand that it is ok if you need to take a few days to rest, if you need to talk with someone about this topic or if you want to be part of a more friendly and out of FOMO community.

Our plan is:

  • Inspire you to take care of yourself 
  • Create tools to find the time to relax each day
  • Connect with experts on this topic
  • We already close our Discord every weekend to help you to relax!
  • Make donations and use our Metaverse space to educate people and show them why they have inspired us!

For the Alpha Collection there will be a supply of 3500 Sloooths

Pre-Sale Price 0.035ETH.

Mint date Q3 TBC
You are gonna be able to mint from our website on Mint Day (TBC) and also you will have the option to purchase Sloooths on the secondary market on platforms like Opensea and Looksrare.

WIP... To be announced soon...

If you’re looking to create a better and healthier space and want to work with us, contact us using the form below!
Sloth Head